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Screen Porch Additions!

The perfect screen porch is stylish, structurally sound, and blends in with your home! Here at RTC Restorations, we create stunning designs that will make your new screened porch the perfect outdoor getaway! Follow our process below and get a FREE no obligation estimate!

The types of screen Porches



A lovely addition that doesn't break the the bank!

A Tier 1 porch will come with the following options:

  • Exposed Rafters

  • Pet-Screen System

  • Single Slope (Shed Roof) Roof Style.

  • Vinyl Fascias.

  • Exposed Columns and Beams.

  • Beadboard Ceiling Backdrop.



Step 1

Pick out your foundation.
  • Existing concrete pad or deck.
  • New concrete pad.
  • ​New deck.
  • Existing Deck.

Step 2

Pick Out Your Tier.
  • Tier 1.
  • Tier 2.

Step 3

Pick Out Your Add-Ons:
  • Vinyl Wrapping.
  • T&G Ceiling.
  • ​Composite Railings.
  • Electrical.
  • Paint or Stain.
  • Metal Roof

Step 4

Sign The Agreement!
Once you have picked out your perfect screened porch, we will get you a detailed agreement and 3D renders for HOA approval! If you need financing you can apply through our partner Acorn Finance! Click here for more info!


  • How much does a screen porch addition cost?
    • Prices will vary depending on size, roof style, materials, foundation type and the many options such as finishes, paint, and electrical. Most of our porches will come in the $20-$40k range. Tier 1 Entry level porches can come in as slow as $13-15k.
  • What are the components involved in a project of this type?
    • Every project has to go through some key processes such as HOA approval, structural drawings creation, and permitting. We guide you through all necessary components and coordinate with any necessary third parties that will be working around us. ​
  • Why should I choose RTC Restorations over other contractors? 
    • Here at RTC Restorations we put quality first. We use high end materials and processes to create elegant living spaces. The first thing we will do is determine a budget for your project and we will come up with a design that will suit your needs. Our crews are trained and experienced and our projects are backed up by extended warranties that most contractors will not offer or honor. 
  • How far in advanced should we contact you?
    • We suggest contacting us at least 2 months before the desired start date. In some ocassions we may be able to begin your project on-site within those 2 months depending on HOA approval and/or permitting. Other times it can take up to 3-4 months to beign on-site after you've contacted us.


Thanks for submitting! We will send you a Chat mesage soon, please click the red button!

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