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FAQs About Your Deck

Why are the railings on my deck loose? Structural instability can affect the top of a deck just as much as the support framework. Railings that lean outward or that wobble when touched pose a safety hazard. Check where the railings attach to the deck, NC building codes dictate that your railing system should have bolts, screws, or brackets attaching it to the outer band of your deck, if this hardware is corroded or not present, this presents a safety risk to you and your family. Residential building codes are established to ensure that any type of construction present or future, is structurally sound and safe. If you suspect that your railing systems or deck is not safe and/or presents clear structural issues, contact us today and we will provide a FREE no obligation evaulation and estimate!

Why Are There Gaps Between My Deck and The House?  Ledger boards keep backyard decks attached to the house with a series of bolts attaching the board to the foundation of your home.  When these boards become damaged and/or the bolts corrode, the deck’s weight and/or corrorion of the soil may make the entire structure lean away from the building. A leaning deck poses a major safety hazard and should be taken seriously. When a deck starts to lean, this can become a constantly deteriorating problem and could potentially end with the collapse of most of the structure. This can all be prevented by replacing the corroded bolts and nails that attach you deck to your home. 

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  • Extensively knowledged on all components related to your project. 
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